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Hear our voices - A National Trust Heritage Festival event

 As part of the National Trust Heritage Festival, a walking tour of the Little Garie community will take place in April this year.

Sunday April 23rd 10 am to 3 pm

Cost: Park entry fees payable to NPWS

Join us for a guided walking tour of the Little Garie shack community in the Royal National Park and see how the shacks at this remote location were built and maintained by the owners. Hear the stories of how the shacks survived to be listed on the State Heritage Register in 2012.

Our simple beach shacks date to the 1930s Depression when people came to the coast to survive the hard times. Away from the mod cons of life, we built these shacks with low tech innovations of the times.

Meet the people and hear the stories - selected shacks will be open and a sausage sizzle lunch provided.

Tour starts from Garie Beach Car Park. Bring water, sunscreen, swimming gear.

Bookings essential as numbers are limited.

Contact Kerry on 0417 448 392

Or send an email via the contact facility on this website. Click on "send email" above on left of page.




PAST EVENTS Shacks Open Day 2012 

The National Trust Heritage Festival Open day of the shack communities provided a unique opportunity for people to see just what is involved in the history and heritage of Little Garie, Era and Burning Palms. Visitors were given a walking tour of shack communities with a BBQ lunch hosted by shackholders. At Era there was also morning tea and a cup of hot soup! But the highlight of the day is that people can see for themselves the heritage of the shack communities.

Visitors and shackies at the Little Garie Hall

Visitors were treated to a guided tour of various shacks and given a glimpse of shack life. To peek inside and see how some are very simple with original kerosene technology and others more sophisticated with mod cons of solar power. Many visitors commented on how everything had been carried the long distances to the site, and were impressed by many stories of survival and innovation. It was great for the shackies to see the public interest in our heritage and to be able to tell our stories.

Having walked the steep track to Era and Burning Palms in particulary damp underfoot conditions, and braved the leeches on the way, those who did the tour to the southern two communities understood the effort involved in building and maintaining the shacks.

 Visitors at Era meet Barry at his shack, one of the oldest in the community. For more photos of the Era Open Day see Gallery page


Audley Open Day February 19th



The Protection League stall at the NPWS Audley Open Day with historical display, cards, posters,photos and T shirts for sale.

See shop links (above) for this merchandize.