Cards for coastal cabin lovers


You can order these gift cards with any of these images of the cabins and their beautiful environments. They are plain inside, standard card size.


Order by clicking on link to Send email on the left hand side of this page. In the message tell us which cards you want, and how many.  You will be able to pay by eft or cheque and details will be sent to you after you order.

$2.50 each or select a pack of 10 for $20.00

Images old and new

1. Early Era southern valley-hand coloured B/W


2. Rainbow Shack Little Garie


3. Ready for a swim Burning Palms


4. First Era patrol


5. Burning Palms sunset


6. Burning Palms


7. Cockatoo sunrise


8. Early Era Cabins


9. Era beach


10. Garie camping ground and car park


11. Gabriel and Bucko


12. Patting Bucko's nose


13. The Wades


Cards from paintings and drawings by Gillian Rhys

14. Little Garie with a few clouds


15. Era Redbelly


16. Rock platform North Era


17. Little Garie wallaby


18. Little Garie not a cloud


19. The escarpment from the rocks


20. Era wallaby


21. Rock track to Little Garie